MCQs (Multiple Choice Questions) of Wave Motion And Sound

MCQs (Multiple Choice Questions) Mark the most appropriate answer.

1.   The SI unit of force constant is identical with that of

(a) Force                                             (b) Surface tension

(c) Pressure                                        (d) Loudness

2. A regiment of soldiers is crossing a suspension bridge. They are

ordered to

(a) March in steps                            (b) Break the step

(c) Lie flat and crawl                         (d) Twist their bodies

3.     It is possible to distinguish between transverse and longitudinal

waves from the property of

(a) Interference                                  (b) Diffraction

(c) Polarisation                                  (d) Refraction

4.   Beats are results of

(a)       Constructive and Destructive Interference

(b)       Destructive interference

(c)       Diffraction of sound waves

(d)       None of the above

5.     Sabin is the unit of

(a) Reverberation time                      (b) Absorption coefficient                    •

(c) Intensity level                              (d) None of the above

6.      The intensity level of threshold of pain is

(a) Infinite                                            (b) 20bd

(c) 100bd                                              (d) 120bd

7.      The intensity level of threshold of hearing is

(a) 10bd                                                (b) 100bd

(c) zero                                                 (d) Infinite

8.      If a given spring of spring constant K is cut into three identical

segments, the spring constant of each segment is

(a) k13                                                    (b) k/2

(c) 3k                                                      (d) 3.5k

9. Velocity of sound in air increases with temperature and the

increase in velocity per c” rise in temperture is

(a) 61.00 rn sec -I                                   (b) 0.61 m see

(c) 2.00 m sec”)                                     (d) 61.61 m sec”‘

10. The intensity range in human ear is

(a)       10-12 watt/m2— 1 watt/m2

(b)       10-12 watt/m2 — 10-6 watt/m2

(c)       10-9 watt/m2— le watt/m2

(d)       None of the above

1. b 2.




4.                a

5. b 6.




8.                c

9. b 10.


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