The Sinking City: A detective or a demon?

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Action, Mystery, Adventure and horror, what else you want?

The Sinking City is an upcoming video game developed by frogwares who has also developed the Sherlock Holmes series. The sinking city is an horror mystery where you might think that truth is easy to find but it actually plays with your brains, a serious detective game full of supernatural activities where you play a detective in a city to find clues and collect relative evidence , investigation is judged by how observant the player is. A boat will be one of the key for players to traverse in the game. The Sinking City is inspired by the work of a famous Horror author Howard Phillips Lovecraft.


In the 1920s, on the East Coast of the United States, the half-submerged city of Oakmont is gripped by supernatural forces. You play an investigator, Charles W. Reed, a private investigator who uncover the truth of  the mysterious event which possessed the city and corrupted the minds of its people… and yours.


The Sinking City is followed up with a worthwhile payoff. It’s a visually arresting world, though, with lots of enticing elements. You get a quick welcome to town from a mysterious man, open world and free to explore. You’ll meet a person with monkey type body nearby that will dish out your first case: he will provide information about the spreading anarchy, which also infects our private investigator protagonist, if you find his missing son. This provides a nice early chance to get to grips with the game’s main mechanics. The case concludes with a fun choice – will you spare one character to keep another one happy? The brief chats here don’t feel as meaningful but everyone remembers your conversations and that your actions will have consequences later on. When you get yourself in the correct area of the map, your player supernaturally-good detective powers will start to kick in. You’ll find areas where your character can extrapolate information about past events just like crime-solving scenes in Arkham Origins.

The Sinking City will launch on June 27 for PS4, Xbox One, and PC.


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