10 Bollywood Celebrities Who Committed Suicide

Sushant Singh Rajput

The glamour world appears impressive for people. There’s money in it, fame, and people who are always running after you, taking care of you, tackling your preferences, and wanting their very best to earn your personal life. The grass is greener on the opposing hand. A good deal of people needs these few actors to possess, and they leave with the hope of achieving it. However, Maybe Not everyone can be a Shah Rukh Khan or Deepika Padukone. Indian Cinema or Bollywood is packed with more blood than we all understand and unkind from the inside. Uncountable people becoming stuck inside a particular scandal or perpetuate their lifestyles are leading nowhere, or suicide when they visit themselves drowned in debt.

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Pratyusha Banerjee:
Her passing came as a jolt. The most famous celebrity has tasks lined had done a few endeavors inside her last, for example, being part of Balika Vadhu because the guide and also had her money thing sorted. The puzzle game proceeds, however, rest upon also his spouse, who’ve been demonstrated to torture and misuse that the celebrity along with her boyfriend.

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Jiah Khan:
June 3, 2013, has been the afternoon for Many people when the lovely celebrity Jiah Khan has been hanging within her bedroom. She had been known for her character opposite Amitabh Bachchan from the picture’ Nishabd,’ also has been at a partnership together with Sooraj Pancholi at that right time of her passing. Her suicide correspondence keeps him responsible for the issues within her own life, and her mum also blamed him for leaving no additional option.

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Nafisa Joseph:
Her lifetime was taken by Skip Universe 1977 when she had been found dead inside her Versova household. She’d chased himself and was engaged to wed her fiancé, that was simply a businessman in a couple of months. Since he’d promised to divorce his spouse, the individual she was going to wed grew to become the reason for the suicide.

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Divya Bharti:
The celebrity died at a young age if she had been a Teen-ager. In 19, she dropped into her passing, and ever since that time, and folks were imagining her departure and also the reason why for it. There aren’t any definite replies, even though you will find lots of conspiracy across the episode. No one even understands if she dropped down or also committed suicide again. 1-1 weeks before his departure, she’d wed producer Sajid Nadiadwala and manager.

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Guru Dutt:

Guru Dutt was the Very first Man in India to Take in Cinemascope. Born as Vasanth Kumar Padukone, Guru Dutt was the grade that conventional Hindi cinema could never reach.

Devi recalls how both of these were all on the collections of ‘Baharein Phir Bhi Aayegi‘ and Guru was perfectly fit and healthy. Yet, one of the lead cast continued the shoot, and an upset Pro had to shift plans for the next day.

Devi and Guru then went shopping in Colaba and bought posts for Pro’s sons, including Tarun and Arun. Devi recollects how, if the two of these returned into Guru’s flat on Peddar Road, he resided with no loved ones.
Pro was reluctant that the kids spend time with him; he phoned Geeta, but she refused to ship the youngsters over because it was late and mad Guru.
However, Devi Dutt (Guru Brother) recalls that he had been asked to leave after a little while since dialogue-writer Abrar Alvi joined Guru for an innovative brainstorming and alcohol. No one had any idea about how twenty-four hours later, the world would never find one of the best humans that people ever witnessed.
Devi Dutt, Guru’s brother, considers that it wasn’t a suicide.

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Silk Smitha:

Vijayalakshmi Silk Smitha killed himself about September 23, 1996. After becoming besieged by many issues, she’d hanged herself, which led to more and more problems daily. Every problem this one may see right now facing has been her, such as alcohol addiction neglected connections and livelihood issues.

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Kuljeet Randhawa:

The celebrity chased himself around the 8th for her lover in 2006 of all February in Juhu within her flat. Her observation said that she could barely accommodate the stress she had faced in her life and thus took her entire life. She was a version for Gladrags combined side having a celebrity, as well as also a television series host.

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Uday Kiran:

Award had been won by the celebrity Because of His operation Awards find it impossible to address life’s difficulties. Himself had chased at Hyderabad into his house following fought with involvement, and monetary challenges with Chiranjeevi’s daughter, which contribute to melancholy.

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 Viveka Babajee:

That beautiful Model and famous actor climbed to fame with her Kamasutra advertising. By hanging herself from the ceiling 14, she committed suicide in the year 2010. Relationships and failed livelihood are cited as reasons for the suicide.

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Sushant Singh Rajput:

Bollywood celebrity Sushant Singh Rajput, who rose to be a formidable presence on the large screen, was found dead on 16 June 2020 afternoon. The’Kedarnath’ actor was found hanging in his Bandra residence in Mumbai.
The passing of popular tv along with Bollywood celebrity Sushant Singh Rajput has sent waves of shock over the entire nation, as family members, members, and fans of the film fraternity struggle to cope with the excruciating vacuum put aside by the rising star. The’MS Dhoni‘ and also ‘Kai Po Che‘ celebrity died by suicide at his Bandra residence in Mumbai, on 16 June 2020. Several media reports have implied that the superstar had been extremely depressed for the last few months, and this misery might have led him to the dreadful ending. But even as the actor’s death has opened the gates of conversation about psychological health requirements along with passing awareness, there’s still another aspect of awareness and sensitivity that should be taught and absorbed within our comprehension.

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