A three-Team Cricket format: 3TC Format

a three-team cricket format

After T20, Super Sixes, Double Wicket, The Hundred, and T20, another format has been added to cricket.

Cricket South Africa has introduced the 3TC format, a three-team cricket format in which a match will be played between three teams instead of two, each team consisting of eight players.

According to Cricket South Africa, the first three-match series will be played on June 27 in which AB de Villiers, Rabada, and Quentin de Kock will represent different teams. 24 South African cricketers will be in action in the match. The match will have a total of 36 overs with 18 overs in the first half and 18 in the second half.

Each team will consist of eight players and will bat for 12 overs. Six of the twelve overs will be against one team in the first half and the remaining six overs will be against the next team in the second half. In the meantime, if seven wickets fall, the eighth player will bat alone, but he will only be able to score runs in fours, sixes, or doubles.

The teams participating in the match will be in three positions, batting side, bowling side and dug outside. There will be a draw for these positions in the first half, while the batting order in the second half will be based on the teams scoring the most runs in the first half.

Gold, Silver, and Bronze medals will be awarded in the match. The team scoring the most runs will be entitled to the gold medal. Will be entitled.

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