Amazing Facts About Neelum Valley Which You Should Know

Neelum Valley, Azad Kashmir

Amazing Facts About Neelum Valley Which You Should Know:

Amazing Facts About Neelum Valley Which You Should Know the Neelum Valley, is one of the most beautiful valleys of Azad Kashmir, Pakistan. The area is located in the foot hills of the great Himalayas. This valley is also referred to as Neelum, after the town of Neelum, situated in the middle of the Valley. The Neelum Valley is an ancient farming region and hence is very beautiful. Although the valley has been greatly influenced by human activities, it is still able to retain its old-age charm and grandeur.

The Neelum Valley, is the largest of the ten districts of Pakistan’s independent territory of Azad Kashmir. Taking in the largest part of the Neelum Valley, the valley has a total population of 191,000 and was severely affected by the 2021 Kashmir floods. Majority of the residents are ethnic Pashtun from the Huzka Khel area. Most of them are farmers and own small plots of their own. However, there is a large community of leisure travelers and tourists who visit the valley for various purposes including trekking, hiking, skiing, golfing, fishing, water sports, camel safari, and swimming.

The Neelum Valley is one of those few places in Pakistan, where visitors can get some great deals on air travel and accommodation in hotels. You can visit this part of Pakistan in the month of August to book a well-planned air journey to Neelum. The price of air tickets to Neelum Valley during this time is moderately low. The only disadvantage to the low air prices is that you will not be able to see much of the surrounding areas due to the bad weather. Hence, it would be a wise decision to plan your trip based upon either the monsoons or the sightseeing season.

The Neelum River and Neelum Valley are situated on the main irrigation route of Pakistan. This enables the valley to have a lush green environment all around year round. The valleys are blessed with scenic natural beauty. It is home to various colorful birds and a large number of butterflies. There is a network of springs leading to Neelum Lake and Neelum River that provides a source of water and oxygen to the flora and fauna of the region. In short, Neelum Valley is a beautiful place to spend a lovely honeymoon with your loved one.

The Neelum Valley is a mountainous region. You can start your tour from the capital city of Islamabad and travel through the beautiful green valleys. From here, you can take a scenic ride to the tops of the peaks and enjoy a good view of the lovely snow-capped mountains. You can also go for trekking in the Chakar Bazaar and see how the merchants trade in their daily life. The valley is a popular place for valleys because it offers the perfect setting for trekkers and nature lovers.

The best time to visit this paradise on earth is between May and October. The weather is pleasant during this time and the summer season is over. The spring is the best time to come and explore its natural beauty and see the butterflies fluttering around. During the summer, the climate here is moderate and the temperature remains pleasantly cool. As for the time of year, spring is considered to be the best time to visit Neelum valley starts flowing with milk in August and reaches a climax in September when the whole valley is blanketed with flowers.

The wildlife population in Neelum Valley include various types of monkeys and wild pigs. Most of these animals can be found below the tree line and so it is important that tourists not try to feed them as they may get lost and go missing somewhere. So, it is better to stay a little away from these monkeys and wild pigs and enjoy the natural surroundings instead. Roving groups of hippos can also be seen near the highway. However, tourists are not allowed to feed these animals.

Neelum Valley is well known as a tourist destination due to its picturesque setting. Apart from beautiful vistas, it also has many hills and plateaus which have typical rocky peaks which can be ideal for hiking and climbing. Most of these plateaus are spoken in Urdu language, so it is easy for tourists who are not familiar with the local dialect to understand what is being said. Neelum Valley is famous among tourists for its picturesque natural scenery and it is also famous for its famous shopping malls and markets.

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