Beware of emails from hackers who use Zoom

Beware of emails from hackers who use Zoom

Cybersecurity firm “Abnormal Security” reports via e-mail newsletter that the use of Zoom has seen a sharp increase throughout the Corona lockdown because people are in communication with each other as they work from home, which allows them to access offices. Attending affairs, school classes and other meetings.


The cybersecurity firm states that while the use of Zoom has grown rapidly, hackers have also increased their network.


Fake emails from hackers for a zoom meeting come in the form of a reminder asking employees to meet with HR in connection with their job dismissal so that users can read it immediately in a panic.


The fake e-mail receives a link to several invitations to the zoom meeting, which is actually a fake hacker’s site. However, employees get annoyed and immediately click on the link to get personal information, bank account numbers, etc.


According to email security, hackers have so far successfully hacked more than 50,000 mailboxes under this ploy.


It is to be noted that even before the outbreak of the Corona virus, lower security of ‘Zoom’ has been identified and it was declared as a threat to the privacy of the people.


Other issues with Zoom include insecure zoom recordings and sharing anonymous data with Facebook.


Google has even banned its employees from using the teleconference app ‘Zoom‘ due to security matters.



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