Can We Do Dream Interfacing?

Dream control Device

Until now, only computers, laptops and mobiles were hacked with data, but now a device equipped with technology is being developed that claims to detect dreams.


Experts at MIT Dream Lab claim that they are developing a device that can analyze dreams. The lab is working on a device called ‘Dormio’ to know the dreams, which will be like gloves and will be worn on the hand before going to bed.

Control your dreams

Experts say that during sleep, we are in the semi-lost stage of sleep, which is a semi-bloody state of sleep, in which we start dreaming, some of which we do not even imagine. The Dormio device is being tested.

Experts claim that the device will have sensors equipped with technology that will contain pre-recorded audio that will be able to access this state.

“People don’t know that there is a place in their lives where they can make a variation,” said Adam Horowitz, a lab specialist.

Experts believe that if dreams can be controlled, sleep will provide an opportunity to sharpen various thoughts, which can be of great benefit to man.


The Official research link from MIT

You Can watch a demo video from MIT:



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