Catharsis in Lockdown

Catharsis in lockdown

Catharsis in Lockdown

I don’t need to tell you that things are crazy these days. They are indeed — difficult, sad, upsetting, plain boring, or sometimes even sorrowful.


Pandemic has taken a toll on most of us. It’s incredible how a microscopic organism changed the face of the world so much that the definition of “normal” has perhaps forever changed. People have died, economies failed, unemployment plunged, and sanity has on several occasions been thrown out of the window.


Doctors and biohazard lab scientists have become frontline warriors. Nevertheless, the hippocratic oath is practiced in its true sense these days. Humanity has finally come to the realization that the world needs more health budget than the military. It is worthy to note that the world is running out of protective equipment for healthcare workers. Yet, we have enough nukes to demolish each other in a jiffy!


But amidst all the turmoil, we have learned the gift of gratitude. We have learned to accept adversities and become grateful for all the innumerable things we earlier — very conveniently — took for granted. I think that’s what difficult times are for — they help you reflect. What would be a better time to reflect upon life than being “locked down” at home.


So, reflect, realize, revitalize, reconstruct. This is the best opportunity to not dwell but seek a greater version of our physical, mental, and emotional make-up. We will get out of this together!



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