Cordova Facebook Audience Network Plugin

FAN Plugin

Cordova Facebook Audience Network Plugin

If you are a Cordova developer and you are thinking about monetization with Facebook audience network (FAN). There are many plugins already available on Github but which is the right plugin and ready to use for you? We will list the top two plugins that work perfectly with Cordova.

 1. Cordova Facebook Plugin By floatinghotpot 

This is a mostly used plugin by Cordova users but the author does not maintain from the last one year. This plugin works perfect but you need some tweaking and need to upgrade SDK to the latest version. Currently, Facebook using SDK version 5+ to show ads but when you install this plugin you will get 4.99 which will show some errors too after compiling. So after installing the plugin, you need to update SDK too.

2. Cordova Facebook Plugin By merbin2012

This plugin is an awesome plugin for the Audience network which is simple in usage and ready to use. This plugin have its initial release and use SDK version 5+. you can download this from Github. Initially, this plugin have no issues in impressions and nor in other configuration.