Deosai Plains – Pakistan Premier National Park

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Deosai Plains – Pakistan premier National Park

Deosai Plains – Pakistan Premier National Park the Deosai Plains is located in the North-western Himalayan region of Gilgit Baltistan and is one of the seven natural wonders of Pakistan. It is part of the Golden Triangle Tourist Authority (GRTA) area and is a prominent destination in China. The name Deosai is derived from the local dialect of Punjabi. The word means “the green river”. The Deosai Plains lies in the middle of the Karakoram highway and is at an elevation of 5500 m.

The National Park is one of the seven natural wonders of Pakistan. The five hundred and sixty square kilometers of this belt are known as the Deosai Plains. The Deosai Plains is very well known among the travelers as a place of high alpine and floral vegetation. It is an ideal place for trekkers, nature lovers and trekkers.

Deosai national Park

The main attractions of the national park are Mount Abu, Lohardara, Dharamshala, Manali, Srinagar and Karakoram. Mount Abu is the second highest mountain peak in the country after Mount Everest. Lohardara, Manali and Srinagar are other important attractions of the Deosai Plains. The three valleys of Dharamshala, Manali and Kull Manali are popular hill stations. The kangri-kolam trek is one of the most challenging trekking tours in the world. The darndar-binagar trek is also popular as the valley of the ten steps and the kulger bumpshwar-kul.

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The climate of the Deosai Plains is substandard with cold winters and hot summers. It is best to avoid getting your hands stuck in icy mineral water during summers. The best time to visit this place is in the month of August or September. This is the dry season as the monsoon fails and the high passes become inactive. The best season to visit the Deosai Plains is in the month of April or May when the monsoon fails and the high passes come into play.

There is another attraction of the Deosai Plains, which is not too popular among tourists. The lakes that surround the peaks of the mountains are very popular tourist attraction spots. These lakes are fed by the water from the mighty rivers and are full of exotic birds and animals. You can view a wide range of birds and animals at various stages of the season. You can enjoy fishing in these lakes during summer season and at other times of the year.

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A large variety of birdlife abounds in the vicinity of the lakes. The major attractions of the area are the deosai plains national park, the lakes, the highest plateaus, the valleys, springs, waterfalls and wildlife. You will find varied wildlife in and around the park. Some of the prominent birds that can be found around the lake areas of the deosai plains are the cuckoo, Siberian cranes, mallard, waterfowl, egrets, woodpecker, water duck, owl, wader, heron and pheasant.

The third and last major attraction of the deosai plains is the wild ass. This is also the second largest wild cat in the world. The Ass lives at the highest plateaus where there is a sea level of around 900 m. The wild Ass lives mainly in the northern areas of the park.

deosai pakistan premier national park

The lakes and the mountain slopes are very good for hiking, skiing, rafting, camping and other adventurous sports. There are many bus services that operate in and around the town of Astore. The Dusit Zoo is very popular with tourists. Other than these, there are many other attractions in and around the deosai plains national park.

One of the main attractions of the area is the huge collection of brown bears called the ‘Deosai brown bears’. These bears are the most amazing attractions in the area. They are indigenous to the region and have lived all their life in harmony with the local people. These creatures were brought from China by the Buddhist monks who brought farming and cattle rearing.

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A walk in the park will take you to a valley where the wild animals like the Pakistan tiger and wild boar roosts. The national park offers camping and trekking at different parts of the plateau. The journey covers a very long and arduous terrain. The rough terrain makes the journey comfortable and interesting.

The journey leads you to the forest of wild elephants and wild boars. The place has many digits and wild asses that lead to the lakes and waterfalls. These wild animals are found on every side of the Deosai Plains and hence make the journey memorable and adventurous. The lakes are the best place for picnics. The lakes are clean, tidy and full of oxygenating waters. The sight of a tiger prowling over the hills or a wild boar chewing its cud leads to the climax of your exciting and adventurous tour in the Deosai Plains.

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