Dudipatsar Lake – The Beauty of Pakistan

Dudipatsar Lake The Beauty of Pakistan

Dudipatsar Lake – The Beauty of Pakistan

Dudipatsar Lake – The Beauty of Pakistan Dudipatsar Lake lies in the northern part of the Khyber Pakhtunkhwa Province, in the foothills of the Zobra hills. It is one of two lakes that are part of this forested region. This lake has two lagoons, situated in its lower part. These lakes are about three kilometers long and about five kilometers wide. They are the main sources of drinking water for the people living in and around the area.

The lake water would be your greenish blue color and cold, in an altitude of 3,800 meters (12,500 feet). The nearby mountains, with snow spots in the shadowed dales, average approximately 4,800 meters (15,700 feet) in altitude. Their normal habitat remains located at the Western Himalayan alpine shrub and meadows ecoregion.

Dudipatsar Lake Pakistan

Lulusar Lake, also from the playground, would be your key headwaters of this Kunhar River. Saiful Muluk National Park, together using Saif ul Maluk Lake, is adjoining at the 150 kilometers (93 mi) long Kaghan Valley region and the parks protect 88,000 hectares (220,000 yards).

The lake was discovered in the 1930s during the survey conducted by the then ruler, Emperor Kacha. He wanted to find out the geographical and economic location of various tribes residing in that region. After reaching the vicinity, he realized that there were many springs in that area. To know more about the nature of these springs, he brought the water to the inspection Centre and collected samples of minerals present in it. The samples were taken to the museum of Jodhpur University and they showed the samples to the researchers.

During the next expedition, the professor saw that the water had a dark green color, like the mud of swamps. He further noticed that the water had a layer of fine mud at the bottom. Later on, while collecting dudipatsar lake water in nearby areas, he saw some brown and red ants in it.

Dudipatsar Lake

As per records, the name of this lake comes from ‘Dudipati’ which is a place near the Bandh Baretha hills. So, it can be assumed that the spring was fed by rainfall falling from the high paddy fields around the lake. Due to heavy rainfall, the lake was covered with snow and the mud from the rain poured down on the surface of the water, hence the name of dudipatsar lake.

The present day dudipatsar lake is fed by the kaghan valley. This is the third biggest water body in Pakistan, after Pena-Sulh and Chitika rivers. According to the scientists and archeologists, there are evidences to prove that the old Indian settlement happened around here. The discovery is yet another proof to substantiate the legend of ‘Magh Mela’ and the golden age of ancient Mughal Emperor Jahangir. This discovery has made the tourists and travelers to visit this place again and enjoy their vacation in the lap of nature.

You can reach the place by taking a domestic or international air travel. The journey takes about an hour and half and you will reach at the Karakoram International Airport. The journey takes you through the Mughal Highway which will take you to the Kunhar River Valley. There are many tour packages available online to select from, so that you can book your trip according to your preference and the budget that you have at hand.

Once you reach the lakeside, the first thing that you will like to do is to view the lovely landscape and view of the nature. There are some magnificent hillocks around the area and if you want, you can also enjoy hiking to the top of these hillocks. There are several places where you can stay overnight as well, if you want to do so. There is an accommodation included in all the rooms that is provided along with cable television, personal care items and internet connectivity.

When you are done with the sightseeing activities, you can start to enjoy the delicious local food which is available all throughout the town. There are several eateries which provide food on such an exclusive scale that it is difficult to imagine a town without such restaurants. There are also many other eateries that specialize in preparing the food that is locally prepared. So, when you plan to spend a few days in this beautiful town, make sure that you do not miss out on seeing the beautiful sights and sounds of this small town, which is just a few hours away from the famous cities of Delhi and Agra.