How can the prolonged “Stay-at-home orders” affect your mental status?

Stay at home order

How can the prolonged “Stay-at-home orders” affect your mental status?

Yesterday, Washington State Governor, Inslee extended the “Stay-at-home” order till May 31st. No matter how optimistic the reopening plans might sound, when you are stuck at home, it sure gets a little frustrating. Like the frustration that comes with the uncertainty of wondering through a black void, in a recurring nightmare. Okay, that was a little exaggerated, but we are living in a recurring nightmare, the good thing is: we are not alone. There is hope, all we have to do is, hold on until someone figures out how the f**k do we get through this. Meanwhile, we cannot let the isolation-induced cabin fever get to our heads. Here are a few tips on how to handle the prolonged stay-at-home orders:

Start your day like this

According to WebMD, organizing your day will give you the much-needed energy boost you need for a productive day. Though it might sound like what your mom would say, making your bed, as soon as you get up, gives you a sense of accomplishment. And according to psychologists doing these little chores can knock off your habit to procrastinate. Most often we plan our daily routine but with time it gets harder to stick with it, due to countless temptations of the outside world. Well, with coronavirus in the streets, you don’t have to worry about any of those distractions now. Download a daily schedule planner app and start planning the perfect day you want to spend in isolation.


Get your daily dose of endorphins from exercise

During and after exercise your body releases certain chemicals called endorphins. Released by physical activity, these chemicals reduce your perception of pain and gives you a euphoric feeling like morphine. Due to a recent study published in Frontiers in Psychiatry Journal, It also helps in getting over anxiety and improves the memorization capacity of your brain. Perhaps you can use this information to rewire your motivation for those flip flops and planks, you once learned in a youtube video to get rid of your belly fat.


It is time to Level-up

You have no idea how efficient, efficient people can get. Learning a new skill from online learning websites like Skillshare or Coursera, on average takes only 20-60 minutes a day for a week or two. The best thing is these sites give you at least a one-month free trial. Hence, don’t think of yourself as an animal locked up in a cage by the notorious COVID-19. You are a different animal, with a laptop and internet, in a hyper-connected world. Time to level up and learn the skills that you always needed for your side hustle.


Beware of your primitive instincts: Eat, F**k and Sleep but don’t be a f***ing pig

We have animal instincts, we need food, sleep, and sex. Recent surveys have found out that a pandemic induced social isolation can enhance our craving for such needs. And if we don’t learn how to acknowledge and control them, it can lead to self-destructive behavior patterns. As far as the acknowledgment goes, it’s important to know that they are interlinked, that means the desire and satisfaction of one need affect the other and vice-versa. The amygdala, a region in brain, plays a key role in association of events with emotional responses i-e pleasure or fear, and this region also plays a vital role in eating behavior. Sometimes overeating like a pig (technically pigs have the capacity to eat as much as it wants, so it will overheat when given the chance) would induce sleep, other times f***ing the brains out of your partner would make you hungry. Without the inhibitions and distractions generated by our normal daily routines, it becomes quite a convenient option to sleep all day and eat all night, like an animal, while binge-watching Netflix with bae. Subconsciously, though, sooner or later you realize how detrimental this behavior is for your physical and mental health. And then the frustration and anxiety kicks in, for which, who else is better to blame than Inslee – the governor who prolonged the f***ing stay-at-home-order. But if you remain cautious of your primitive needs and strike a balance between them, you might see this prolonged isolation as more of an opportunity than punishment.

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