How can you stay mentally fit during lockdown?

Corona mental stress

How can you stay mentally fit during lockdown?

Since the world has come to a halt after the Coronavirus outbreak, the pandemic has claimed over 200,000 lives. Millions are infected and over hundreds of millions are affected economically. Above all, the mental stress has escalated among individuals throughout the world including reports of suicides and nervous breakdowns. It is important to note that individuals handle stress differently and not everyone is equipped with the right set of tools to counter the anxiety. Loneliness can be stressful and coping with it requires a minimum level of emotional intelligence. Keeping a positive attitude towards current circumstances and making the best out of the situation is the key to success. We discuss several proven ways to keep oneself engaged during the stressful times of lockdown.
If you are a parent: spending time with your kids can be therapeutic. With respect to this topic our staff has picked and reviewed the following links and videos for you: Hope it might help.





All in all, everything is about keeping a positive attitude during these times, to the best of our effort, we have included here all the relevant and authentic material that might help you cope with the stress of lockdown.


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