How to do safe groceries during this Pandemic?

During these anxious times of the Pandemic when all you hear is “Stay home, stay safe”- one thing that you do not want to hear is your wife telling you that honey we need groceries. Initially, your defense mechanism will exhaust all the possible escapes but eventually we will have to take that scary trip to the local grocery store.

So here are my 10 tips for doing safe shopping

  1. Make a list of the items that you need and stick it to your sleeve with a transparent tape, so you do not have to take your mobile out every 10 seconds. The list should be complete with appropriate quantities (enough for a couple of weeks) calculated and written next to the items.
  2. Choose the store that you are well familiar with, which means you know exactly where most of the items in your list are placed in that store.
  3. Only one person goes, not the best time for couple goals.
  4. Once inside the shop, pick the items swiftly without wasting any single extra minute.
  5. Maintain at least a couple of meters while in the queue for the checkout.
  6. Pay via contactless card if available.
  7. Discard the gloves before entering your house. If your mask is single-use, then trash it as well otherwise wash it as soon as you reach home.
  8. Alcohol Spray all the shopping bags with once inside the home.
  9. Change your clothes and take a shower.
  10. Finally, use the grocery wisely, to avoid this hassle for a good amount of time.

While this pandemic may vanish one day, it shall change some of our practices forever.