How to Transfer WhatsApp Chat History to Telegram?

How to transfer WhatsApp chat history to Telegram?

WhatsApp users have been looking for alternative apps since the announcement of a change in the privacy policy by Facebook-owned company WhatsApp, and one of the best alternative apps is Telegram, which offers users the same benefits as WhatsApp. Provides features with end-to-end encryption.

Now Telegram administration has given WhatsApp users the option to transfer chat history from WhatsApp to Telegram to further boost the popularity of the app. Earlier this option was only available for iOS users but now the app administration has Android users have also been provided with this option.

This feature is actually a tip for users who are reluctant to stay away from WhatsApp despite concerns over its privacy policy.

import whatsapp chat to telegram

Telegram has introduced the “New Message History Import Tool” on its iOS app yesterday. Which is with version 7.4 of the app. Telegram has released another update with the latest version 7.4.1 that removes the migration tools, after which users will be able to transfer WhatsApp chats to Telegram.

import whatsapp history to telegram

The user will need the latest version of both apps to transfer the WhatsApp chat history. You can easily transfer your chat history from WhatsApp to Telegram by following these steps.

Steps to Transfer WhatsApp History

  1. After opening the WhatsApp, tap the chat you want to transfer to Telegram.
  2. Now go to the Contact Info menu and select the “Export Chat” option.
  3. After selecting this option you will see “Attach Media” and “Without Media” options.
  4. Now select the option you want.
  5. Now select Telegram from the Sharing menu and select the contact to whom you want to transfer the imported chat.
  6. You will now see the Import option for chat transfer, so select “Import”

That’s it