How viruses transmitted from animals to humans?

How viruses transmitted from animals to humans?

How viruses transmitted from animals to humans?

Each type of animal contains unique and dangerous viruses that usually infect this particular type of animal, but over time some of these viruses have also been transmitted to humans, called “zoonotic viruses.”

As human populations grew, so did human settlements, which led to increased contact with animals, which is not the case.

Viruses can be transmitted from animals to humans in the same way that they are transmitted from one person to another, that is, from animals to people through secretions, blood, feces or urine.


Viruses are alive?

The fact is that viruses are not alive, so they look for living cells to spread through which they stick to them and from where they spread further.

Because each virus targets a particular type of animal, it is unusual for a virus to pass from one type of organism to another because they have to undergo an evolutionary process.

If this ever happens by chance, humans need extensive contact with the virus.

Viruses are not usually ready to live in a new host, so they do not spread easily, but over time, these viruses bring about changes in themselves that allow them to spread.

And when a virus transmits to a new type of host, the process is called “zoonosis” and usually causes the most serious disease in humans. This is because the first host of any virus, the organism and the virus make changes in themselves at the same time, but when the virus is transferred to a new host, it cannot deal with the virus.

For example, if we come in contact with bats and their viruses, we can get rabies and Ebola virus diseases, but bats themselves are not affected by them.

Scientists say that the three most recently discovered coronaviruses, SARS Cov-2003, Mers Cov-2012 and SARS Cov-2 or COVID-19, which is currently taking the form of a global pandemic, are also spread by bats.

According to scientists, all three viruses were transmitted from bats to other animals (possibly pangolins or snakes, etc.) and then from them to humans, but more research is needed.

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