Is Coronavirus spreading because of 5G technology?

5G Spreading Coronavirus

Is Coronavirus spreading because of 5G technology?

There are currently several conspiracy theories circulating on social media and the Internet, claiming that the Coronavirus is spread by the 5G technology of mobile phones, but scientists have disproved these theories.

Videos and articles containing these conspiracy theories have also been shared by several verified accounts with millions of followers on Facebook, YouTube and Instagram.

But scientists say it is “complete nonsense” and biologically impossible to combine Coronavirus and 5G.

Rotating conspiracy theories also falsely claim that 5G technology uses mobile networks that rely on radio waves to spread the coronavirus.

These ideas are spreading not only in poor and developing countries but also in developed countries such as the United Kingdom and the United States.

According to British media, the same ideologies in Birmingham and Mercedes also set fire to 5G technology towers.

The rumors first surfaced on Facebook in late January, when the first cases of the coronavirus were reported in the United States.

One theory claims that 5G technology weakens the human immune system, which is why humans are unable to fight the virus, while another theory claims that the virus is spread through the use of 5G technology.

According to the BBC, Dr. Simon Clark, an associate professor at the University of Reading, says such talk is “nonsense”.

According to Dr. Clark, the idea that 5G technology affects the immune system is not correct because anything can affect the immune system not only 5G/4G or mobile signal rays.

Dr. Clarke says that very strong radio waves generate heat, which is harmful, but in fact, 5G radio waves are not strong enough to heat a person.

According to Adam Finn, a professor of pediatrics at the University of Bristol, it is impossible to say whether 5G technology can spread the virus or transmit the virus from one place to another. ” It spreads from person to person, we already know that and it’s true. Viruses and electromagnetic waves that establish a mobile phone or internet connection. There are different things like chalk and cheese are two different things.

According to experts, this conspiracy theory is not acceptable because the virus is spreading in countries where 5G technology is not yet available.

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