Is online education working so far?

Is online education working so far?

Online education has been gaining traction for quite some time now. Platforms like Khan Academy, Udemy and Coursera have successfully launched hundreds of courses. However, as the saying goes, clothes do not make the man; online learning too has its pitfalls. People find online learning to be:

  • Boring: E-learning fails to engage students because it copies the classroom environment into the video by providing a long list of texts followed by monotonous MCQs. To solve this issue, technology should be used optimally to make the lectures more dynamic.
  • Filled with technical Difficulties: Mostly due to compatibility issues of browsers and OS, any hurdle would discourage learner’s engagement.
  • Excessively Flexible: Learn at your own pace does not always work as promised. So much flexibility often results in inaction. A vast majority of students drop out without completing the course.
  • Lacking discussion platforms: While courses have online discussion forums, being human dictates we discuss the ideas verbally in person. Online courses just don’t provide that.

Above we have discussed some issues with online learning, but current circumstances require that we implement and adapt ourselves to this methodology for an unforeseen period. Despite it being the necessity during lockdown due to the pandemic, it has failed miserably whether be it zoom classes or LMS portals. The fundamental reason being the drastic changes to the basic classroom structure. We humans are creature of habit and it takes time to shift away from one we are used to for decades.

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