Landi Kotal – A Cheap But Great Option to Stay

Landi Kotal - A Cheap But Great Option to Stay

Landi Kotal – A Cheap But Great Option to Stay

Landi Kotal – a cheap but great option to stay Landi Kotal is a bustling town in Landi Kotal district, a region in the northern part of KPK. The town has several bus stations, as well as a network of railways and bus services. The bus network connects Landi Kotal to many major cities. It also provides easy access to Rawal Lake.

The Landi Kotal is on the main route to Rawal Lake. It has a bus station as well as a train service to take you to this lake. From the station, you can travel by train.

One of the most important stations of the Landi Kotal district, Habib Bank, is located very close to the railway terminus. This train service takes you through the mountainous and hilly terrain of Lahore. The scenery becomes gradually more appealing as you move towards the station.

The station offers a variety of accommodation options to its customers. The hotel amenities are modern and the rooms have amenities such as Air conditioning, LCD televisions, telephone lines, DVD players, and a wireless internet facility. The restaurant facilities are also excellent. You can enjoy excellent local and international cuisines. The hotel also provides an in-house gym, an entertainment room, and access to the swimming pool.

Landi Kotal BridgeAn all-inclusive hotel facility is provided at the Landi Kotal hotel. The all-inclusive facility includes meals, drinks, continental breakfast, snacks, and tea. Free daily continental lunch is also offered. The hotel additionally provides its customers with an in-house fitness Centre and an outdoor swimming pool.

Landi Kotal also has a budget hotel option. The rate here is slightly higher than the other hotel options. However, the quality of the service is also higher. The rooms in this hotel are clean and comfortable. Moreover, the staff here treats its customers warmly.

A four-star hotel is the best choice for your business travel and leisure vacation. You can find such a hotel in Landi Kotal. To get the best deal, you should do some thorough research on the internet. You should also check the reviews of the hotel on the internet to know more about the hotel and its services.

As far as facilities and services are concerned, this budget hotel has all you need. The rooms in this hotel are beautifully furnished. Room service is excellent. The staff here helps you a lot in making your choice. Budget rooms in Landi Kotal also have facilities like a conference room, library, children’s play area, and so on.

Room service in Landi Kotal is simply marvelous. The room comes with a minibar and a desk. There is a television in the bedroom and a DVD player. You will also be given a mini-refrigerator, microwave, two telephones, and an ergonomic keyboard. The restaurant at Landi Kotal is equipped with a modern kitchen. It has chic restaurants that offer Chinese, continental, Indian and local cuisine.

The hotel services include air conditioning and heating in all the rooms. You will get these services at an affordable price. Landi Kotal is also well connected to different places. The bus stand and the minibus stand are also quite near the hotel. Taxis also ply here quite frequently. Thus, you do not have to worry about transportation during your stay here.

If you want to go for a shopping spree in the locality, then you can check out the nearby market. You will find many options here. This budget hotel also has a spa hotel. You can rejuvenate yourself after a tiring day at work.

Landi Kotal Railway Station:

Landi Kotal SafariLandi Kotal station is a small railway station in Landi Kotal town, a town in the Khyber Pass province of Pakistan. It lies very close to the border with the Nangarhar Province of Afghanistan, some 40 kilometers from the city center. The station was constructed during the late 1920s during the period of British rule in Pakistan. It served as the terminus for the popular Nangarhar and Wagah High-Speed Railway. Today, the station has been converted into an all-inclusive holiday resort town.

The journey takes about two and a half hours. Passengers can expect to enjoy the natural beauty as well as the convenience of the modern lifestyle. You will be able to witness a lot of things to do while here, including trekking, horseback riding, trekking, rafting, swimming, skiing, and many more. Thus, it is an ideal destination for a romantic retreat.

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