Mobile phones, The Enemy of Your Child

solved questions child with mobile

If children are small, do not give them cell phones. Boys and girls should not carry mobile phones until they are at least 18 years old. No one knows whose life this mobile phone will destroy, which family’s honor will be reduced to dust? The incidents of friends and boys and girls running away from home through mobile phones have become very common.

In such a case, it is usually a time of great embarrassment and ordeal for both the families, but it is impossible for the girl’s parents and close relatives to survive. Also, if you check the cybercrime record with the FIA, you will find out how friends, especially hundreds of girls, were subjected to serious harassment and abuse through the use of mobile phones and the internet.

Apart from those living in cities, now such incidents are also happening with the girls of the village. Salam dua is said only through mobile phone, there are friends who lead to growing up and running away from home. Pictures of each other are shared through mobile phones and then the blackmailing process starts on the same basis.

According to the FIA, victims of such blackmail, although sometimes men, are often the victims, mostly girls, and women. From time to time such incidents are reported through the media, from which the society should learn a lesson. Parents, in particular, should never carry a mobile phone to their young children (boys and girls under the age of 18).

If a mobile phone is needed to communicate with the school, either mobile phone can be used by either parent. Similarly, computers and the Internet are very important for education today. The use of computers for children cannot be stopped. Parents should try to keep the computer in a place where their family can see it when their children use it. At the same time, keep educating your children about the right and wrong, the correct use of mobile phones and the Internet, and the dangers and evils associated with it.

The most important thing is to keep praying for your children. The media also has a responsibility to ensure that when such incidents are reported, those who run away from home are not portrayed as heroes, as this can upset other children.

If someone’s son or daughter is involved in such an act, they should be kindly explained. An acquaintance recently told me that his niece, a ninth-grader, ran away from home. He said that his niece lived in the village, was a very innocent girl and her family could not have imagined that she could take such a step. She also cried because she had a cell phone and did not know why she left home without telling anyone.

Now the parents and close relatives are working with the police to get the girl rescued. He said that according to the police, the girl had married a man in a distant city with whom she had befriended through her mobile phone. Such incidents should open the eyes of parents and society and everyone should take necessary precautions so that it does not happen to them. May Allah protect every child and all parents from such ordeal.