Naltar Valley – The Land of Beauty

Naltar Valley

Naltar Valley – The Land of Beauty

Naltar Valley – The Land of Beauty Naltar Valley is one of the most popular and amazing valleys in Pakistan. It is located in Gilgit district of Gilgit province and is visited by many people each year for its panoramic views. Naltar belongs to Baltistan where Gilgit is situated and is at an elevation of around 5500 feet. Naltar has some of the best camping sites and there are many picturesque spots here.

Brief History of Naltar Valley

Naltar Valley Beauty

It really is said through the early history Naltar valley would be your exact first detected village along with birthplace of Gilgit. The early people of Gilgit were Shepherds They dwelt in Wild are as they used cheese and meat as food to live. As enough time reviled people were developed and migrate to the cities that they learnt all around the globe prior to the afternoon they got their individuality. Even the Naltar valley is famed for many causes however, couple reasons I insured are below.

A Guide to Naltar Valley

Naltar Valley Pakistan

Naltar belongs to the valleys, that are located between Hunza and Gilgit valleys. Naltar was discovered by expeditioners in 1930. Naltar lies in an extremely mountainous area that is covered with tall mountains. Due to the high altitude lakes and small streams, the water of which is very cool, the water is said to be free of germs. This makes it an ideal place for camping.

A person who wants to experience the bliss of high altitude will find nothing better than enjoying his stay in Naltar. During winter, snowfall in the naltar valley is very rare. The best time to visit here is between December and March. Snowfall here is very light and during spring, you will find the atmosphere very pleasant.

Camping in Naltar requires heavy luggage since it is high altitude and so campers need to bring their own tents and other camping equipment. There are many lakes close to the altar valley. Lakes include Jhelum, Bogmul, Sawai Manbad, Lahul and Karakoram. These lakes have different names but all are known as the best places to go camping. Lake Bogmul is the best for picnics. The cool breeze from the surrounding mountains makes picnics very enjoyable.

Naltar Valley Visit

While in Naltar, it would be a mistake to think that skiing and snowboarding are out of bounds. For the adventurous type, there is nothing like a trip to the mehmaan resort and then on to the Naltar ski resort for some thrilling skiing. The merman resort offers a wide range of activities to enjoy with your family and friends. A trip to the angry range of mountains near the mehmaan resort is also a good option to enjoy nature and have a wonderful picnic.

The three major attractions of the Naltar Valley are the Zodhala National Park, the Shankaracharya Temple and the Amber fort. All these are well worth a visit if you are a nature lover. The Zodhala is the largest national park in Pakistan and offers a wide range of wildlife life. The Zodhala has an ideal habitat for various bird species as well as a breeding place for elephants.

If wildlife is not your kind of adventure, then the Shankaracharya Temple will surely put you in a spiritual mood. The Shankaracharya Temple is the biggest religious place for Hindus in Pakistan and is located at a distance of about 300 kilometers from Naltar Valley. It is constructed from the sands of sands and is surrounded by a high security wall. A walk from here will lead you to the main shrine of the temple, the Shabarimala. There are many who prefer to visit this shrine during their visit to the Naltar Valley. Those who do not wish to walk to the shrine can take a Jeep safari and drive to the Naltar Valley from either the Gulf or Kufri areas.

Naltar valley

Those who wish to experience a little bit of excitement in their trip to the Naltar Valley can opt to go through trekking. There are many trekking tours available to tourists and travelers, and they can get started from either the Shankaracharya Temple or Gulum Baru. The best way to start your trekking trip to the Naltar Valley is from either the Gulf or Kufri areas and you can reach the summit of the Kanyakumari trek from either the same places.

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