New WhatsApp Privacy Policy: Explained by the head of WhatsApp

WhatApp Policy Explained by CEO

WhatsApp has announced a new privacy policy that will allow WhatsApp users to share information with third parties, including Facebook.

WhatsApp is being heavily criticized due to the new policy, while users are deeply concerned about whether the app is now safe for messaging and communication.

Will Cathcart, head of WhatsApp, says WhatsApp is safe for users even after the new policy and says Facebook can’t read ‘chat’.

In a lengthy tweet, he said he had been watching the conversation over WhatsApp’s new privacy policy for the past week and wanted to say something about it.

According to Will Cathcart, WhatsApp is providing private connectivity to nearly 2 billion people worldwide, and messages and calls are still “end-to-end encrypted” and this feature is not being changed.

Remember that end-to-end encryption means that no third party, including WhatsApp, can see or hear messages or calls between two people on WhatsApp.

In his explanation, he wrote that ‘end to end encryption’ is not being changed in WhatsApp.

According to Will Cathcart, the new policy aims to be more transparent with consumers and better clarify People to Business features.

He said that this is important because around 175 million people send messages to business accounts on WhatsApp every day and more people want to do so.

“We have competition with others for privacy, which is great for the world. People have to choose how they want to communicate and trust that their messages No one else can see it, but some people, including some governments, disagree. ”

He added: “That’s why we’re committed to maintaining end-to-end encryption, so we’re improving the privacy of WhatsApp, as we provided the option of automatically terminating messages in November. Creativity will continue to be our privacy. ”


What’s the new WhatsApp policy?

According to WhatsApp’s new policy, users can add their name, mobile number, photo, status, phone model, operating system as well as device information, IP address, mobile network, and location to WhatsApp and other social media platforms connected to it. Will provide the form.

If you read the new privacy of WhatsApp, there is no talk of removing the ‘end to end encryption’ of messages and it is stated that the conversation between two people cannot be seen by any third person or organization including WhatsApp.

Are messages saved on the WhatsApp server?

According to the policy, messages, videos, or photos sent on WhatsApp are encrypted and not stored on WhatsApp services and are deleted from the WhatsApp server as soon as they are received by another user. However, WhatsApp will now also keep users informed of its new transaction and payment feature.

WhatsApp says that when users rely on third-party services or other Facebook company products linked to them, the third party may receive information that you or others share with them.

WhatsApp’s new policy sets out how businesses can store and manage WhatsApp chats using Facebook’s services.

According to WhatsApp, Facebook’s global infrastructure is being used to store user data.

Consumers are expressing concern over the change in WhatsApp privacy policy and there has been an increase in downloading of calling and messaging services other than WhatsApp.