PSL 6 2021 Online Matches Schedule And News

PSL 6 2021 Online Matches Schedule And News

PSL 6 2021 Online Matches Schedule And News

PSL 6 2021 Online Matches Schedule And News 2021 Pakistan Super League is otherwise called PSL 6 and is supported by HBL so that called HBL PSL 2021 will be the sixth period of the PSL – Pakistan Super League. Pakistan Super association is the Twenty20 cricket class establishment that was set up by the Pakistan Cricket Board (PCB) in 2015.

This will be the subsequent season held totally in Pakistan PSL chief affirmed that the 6th season will comprise of the same six groups without any designs for development. It is booked to be held in February and March of 2021.

PSL 6 draft to be hung on January 10. PCB looks for endorsement from Lahore’s organization. Under 300 individuals to go to draft. PCB CEO Wasim Khan had said the draft will be in the first seven-day stretch of January.

PSL 6 Matches:

We’re all worked up about the 2021 Pakistan Super League matches as this mega event could soon start the global cricket in Pakistan. This time around PSL 2021 all matches of PSL is going to be played in Pakistan. Back in PSL 6 Teams are currently all playing this tournament together with national and global players.

Though cricket isn’t the federal game, it’s the soul game we’ve got in Pakistan. Sentiments belong to cricket are likely to earn a superheroic one. We have the coolest item about cricket. PSL 6 2021 is just another name of the party. 2021 brings more fan after and promotion for PSL Teams and Player Squads. While this season’s very first time PSL team 2021 Matches between squads will remain life in India at the same time.

Thus an enormous increment concerning viewership will tug PSL into Pakistan to still yet another degree. It is going to surely a fantastic sign not merely for the cricket mania but also to get your Pakistani image facing the earth. So, we expect that PSL teams 2021 and players can suffer the very commendable efforts, and also get the whole country happy by revealing actual group spirit and demonstrate the following level of entertainment throughout their game.

PSL 6 Matches Schedule

120-Feb-2119:00 (N)Karachi KingsVQuetta GladiatorsNational Stadium, Karachi
221-Feb-2114:00 (D/N)Lahore QalandarsVPeshawar ZalmiNational Stadium, Karachi
321-Feb-2119:00 (N)Islamabad UnitedVMultan SultansNational Stadium, Karachi
422-Feb-2119:00 (N)Lahore QalandarsVQuetta GladiatorsNational Stadium, Karachi
523-Feb-2119:00 (N)Multan SultansVPeshawar ZalmiNational Stadium, Karachi
624-Feb-2119:00 (N)Islamabad UnitedVKarachi KingsNational Stadium, Karachi
726-Feb-2115:00 (D/N)Lahore QalandarsVMultan SultansNational Stadium, Karachi
826-Feb-2120:00 (N)Peshawar ZalmiVQuetta GladiatorsNational Stadium, Karachi
927-Feb-2114:00 (D/N)Karachi KingsVMultan SultansNational Stadium, Karachi
1027-Feb-2119:00 (N)Islamabad UnitedVPeshawar ZalmiNational Stadium, Karachi
1128-Feb-2119:00 (N)Karachi KingsVLahore QalandarsNational Stadium, Karachi
121-Mar-2119:00 (N)Islamabad UnitedVQuetta GladiatorsNational Stadium, Karachi
133-Mar-2114:00 (D/N)Karachi KingsVPeshawar ZalmiNational Stadium, Karachi
143-Mar-2119:00 (N)Multan SultansVQuetta GladiatorsNational Stadium, Karachi
154-Mar-2119:00 (N)Islamabad UnitedVLahore QalandarsNational Stadium, Karachi
165-Mar-2119:00 (N)Karachi KingsVMultan SultansNational Stadium, Karachi
176-Mar-2114:00 (D/N)Islamabad UnitedVQuetta GladiatorsNational Stadium, Karachi
186-Mar-2119:00 (N)Lahore QalandarsVPeshawar ZalmiNational Stadium, Karachi
197-Mar-2114:00 (D/N)Multan SultansVQuetta GladiatorsNational Stadium, Karachi
207-Mar-2119:00 (N)Islamabad UnitedVKarachi KingsNational Stadium, Karachi
2110-Mar-2119:00 (N)Karachi KingsVPeshawar ZalmiGaddafi Stadium, Lahore
2211-Mar-2119:00 (N)Lahore QalandarsVQuetta GladiatorsGaddafi Stadium, Lahore
2312-Mar-2115:00 (D/N)Multan SultansVPeshawar ZalmiGaddafi Stadium, Lahore
2412-Mar-2120:00 (N)Islamabad UnitedVLahore QalandarsGaddafi Stadium, Lahore
2513-Mar-2114:00 (D/N)Karachi KingsVQuetta GladiatorsGaddafi Stadium, Lahore
2613-Mar-2119:00 (N)Islamabad UnitedVMultan SultansGaddafi Stadium, Lahore
2714-Mar-2114:00 (D/N)Peshawar ZalmiVQuetta GladiatorsGaddafi Stadium, Lahore
2814-Mar-2119:00 (N)Karachi KingsVLahore QalandarsGaddafi Stadium, Lahore
2915-Mar-2119:00 (N)Islamabad UnitedVPeshawar ZalmiGaddafi Stadium, Lahore
3016-Mar-2119:00 (N)Lahore QalandarsVMultan SultansGaddafi Stadium, Lahore


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