Should I use zoom when Meet is free?

Should I use zoom when Meet is free?

Should I use zoom when Meet is free?

Currently, due to the global disease, the use of video conferencing app Zoom is at the lead in lockdown, which is why Google has chosen to implement the service of its video conferencing app ‘Meet‘ for free.


According to a Google blog post, the company has produced its video conferencing service ‘Meet‘ free for all, which will be free from next week.


According to the Google group, particular care has been taken for the security of Meet service so that the data of the users is stored safe and some more new features have also been added to it.


Originally, Google’s Meet service was for subscribers who used premium G Suite software for industry. Vice-president of G-Suite told that from now on, Meet will be ready for free to users around the globe, enabling people to communicate more effectively throughout the epidemic.


Google has also updated Meet, claiming that it is more stable in terms of security than Zoom. Google has also prevented its employees from using the “Zoom” app due to security matters.


You can start video conferencing directly by visiting the Meet website.

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