Top 11 Indoor Games for Corona Times

Top 11 indoor games

Top 11 Indoor Games for Corona Times


In times of COVID-19 pandemic the whole world is on lockdown. Strict governmental restriction on the population to stay at home has resulted in families being locked down for 12-18 weeks depending on which country you live in. No job, No work. Some are all alone. Some have a partner. And some have little kids, and some with good big families. But all have one thing in common, constant worry and boredom. The level of stress due to idleness and worry is leading to serious mental health issues. And what better way to take you to mind off things, by some guaranteed to work and fun indoor games. For all age groups and can accommodate any number of participants from one to eight. Now I must warn you, some of these games are pure addiction and some are as old as pharaohs and some will make you think like kings, and some are a pure gamble. Let’s have all the fun. 


1. A game of one. Well, what can you play when all alone.

indoor games chess 

One Man Chess / Solo Chess: 

Many times you wanted that long game, and now you have a chance to do just that. Let’s play against yourself. Interestingly Chess Masters usually play against themselves. Remember, playing against oneself can last from days to weeks, perfect for these lackluster corona times. Now prepare a board in a place where it is always in your clear view and out of the way so you may not accidentally knock it over. Select either a coin or any statute which indicates whose turn it is, in case you forget it. And let’s play. Some tips, avoid mirroring your moves, don’t try to win, do the best move possible for each side, evaluate and anticipate, double-check your next move, keep a diary of your moves (Comes quite handy, if and when, you get distracted for long periods of times), little annotations in the margins, your sparks of genius. Here is a detailed guide to help you on the way. And for those of you, who are believers of visual learning, here is an excellent chess instructor, teaching you all the master strategies in simple easy steps. 


2. Games for kids on a sleepover, for a rainy day, a neighborhood meeting, or just to keep the kids and keep neighbors occupied. And for Corona times, these are only for family.

hide and seek games in corona 

  1. I- Spy
  2. Hide n Seek
  3. Simon says
  4. Musical Chairs
  5. Scavenger Hunt
  6. Charades
  7. Scarbble / Boggle
  8. Pictionary
  9. 20 Questions
  10. Uno 

For details Kid Indoor Games

3. Indoor Obstacle Race Course:

new indoor games 

Find chairs, hoops, and ropes and sheets and blankets, and make a zig-zagging course in as much space as possible. Can be played in two formats, total time taken from start to finish, or a simple rush. 


4. 2D puzzles or 3D puzzles:

best puzzle games ideas

With multiple new entries every day in the market of countless puzzles out there, they are the perfect tool to keep you working for hours on end, looking in from all angles, getting a tea and sandwich, and mulling over where you have gone wrong. What is most interesting are the 3D puzzles, which add a level of difficulty which is deeply satisfying to avid indoor guys. It can be played alone or as a family. 

BUY here a set of wonderful 3D puzzles made of Balsa Wood. And some of the child-friendly collection a boxset of four 2D Jigsaw Puzzles.


5. Cards and Card games:

best card games in corona lockdown

And here is an old classic, just take them out and start shuffling, can be played on a windowsill if ever you wanna. Easiest to play and the variety of games in a single deck of cards will keep the boredom far away. 

Here is a book explaining all the variety of card games that can be played with a single deck of cards. Ultimate book of Family Card Games.

And Order a Deck right here to your doorstep.  


6. Build a Fort:

Health indoor games

Well, whoever forgets the days gone by hiding under a blanket flopped over two chairs paying a fantasy camp out and stories of afar with a book in one hand and a torch in another. Gather chairs, pillows, cardboard, sticks. And make a fort for the little ones. 


7. Plasticine or Playdoh:

Top 11 indoor games

Molding a form out of a misshapen clay is the ideal way to pass the time with the children or to amuse yourself with making difficult to form fantasy beasts or mythological figures. Enter the world of easy sculpting with the minimal requirement. A child is happy with a round ball or two or a stick figure. 

To learn how to form a Fantasy Beast Watch this amazing Step by Step on YouTube

To teach children and teenagers some basic forms and figures Watch This

Order right here some of the good quality playing dough.  Or you can make some at your home from Flour Water and Salt.

Kits used in forming some Fantasy Figures can be bought from Here.


8. Photo Frenzy:

Engage in artistic and competitive gameplay of taking photos. Only equipped with a camera on your phone, start taking snaps. Snaps of Objects, Snaps in Garden, Snaps in Kitchen, Snaps of clothing which can be further modified to different dressing themes. Form an idea and select a theme, choose a judge, and get to work. And if all alone just form a group on social media or a private group on WhatsApp. At the end of the day have the satisfaction of beating them all. 

For ideas on what makes a good Snap stand out, and how to use little tricks, check this book out on CellPhone Photography for Beginners (Iphone: the missing manual).  


9. Guess Who:

Ah yes. The game that only requires your mental skills. Guess a place, person, or a thing. You have got 20 questions to guess what the opponent has thought up. The format is as such. Form a team, and toss a coin, the winner gets to choose first, he will after deliberation inform the opposing team whether it is a person, place or a thing. And off you go. Ask questions with a definite objective in mind and don’t waste your question. If you guessed, it right before question 20. You are the winner.


10. Whisper in the Ear, Chinese Whisper:

 Yes, everybody remembers it. Can usually be played in a circle, and the idea is to select a phrase, a piece of information by a person and he or she whispers it into the ear of a person sitting next to him or her, usually on the left, the idea is to whisper real fast and everybody has to relay the information without thinking about it, no asking if I can, here again, however illegible or absurd the sentence maybe. And I promise you, in the end, you will be doing belly flops. Laughs all around. 


11. Some Puzzle and Mystery Games for those who cannot live without their cellphones: 

Let’s accept it, that we as a generation, are nearly handicapped to our use of cellphones, so I thought to spice up this list with some of the games which can be played on smartphones but requires quiet and contemplation as the above indoor games.


The Room : released in 2015 with multiple sequels since it’s one of the best puzzle games on Android and iOS. The renowned developer Firefly Studios describing it as beauty, peril, and mystery in equal measure. And Newyork Times describing is as, “More Fun Than Christmas Morning”. 

Similar Titles are BirdCage2 and Meridian 157:Prolouge



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