Trekking in Lulusar Lake

Trekking in Lulusar Lake

Trekking in Lulusar Lake | Review of Lulusar

Trekking in Lulusar Lake, Lulusar Lake is situated in a beautiful region of Northern Pakistan. It is near the town of Jena. The name Lulusar comes from two words, “luma” meaning lake and “sar,” meaning mountain. The lake itself was named by Sir Richard Branson, who was then a naturalist and explorer.
Lulusar Lake lies in the center of the kaghan valley. The name was given to the lake due to its connection with the famous air route connecting Lahore and Peshawar. This air route is one of the major lines of the international airport of Jehna. It is also the chief road access point to the town of Konark.

The Lulusar Lake has a catchment area of about 4.5 square kilometers. This lake has been an important breeding and birthing ground for many different bird species like Black-Crowned Stilt, Zebraback, Royal Terns, Grey Junglefowl, and Malachite Bunting. There are also various species of migratory birds that migrate to Pakistan from all over Asia and Africa. Some of these are the Pelican, African Bush Cartilages, American Wrens, Indian Pitta, and the Crested Woodpecker. The Pangolin is another migratory bird that returns to this lake each year after breeding at its wintering place in Australia.

Lulusar Lake and the surrounding regions were once the camping and farming hub of the Khan valley people. But during the early years of settlement, the Lulusar Lake was also used as a water channel for livestock. Here the livestock would be able to reach their pastures, and the whole area would be at peace. Water from the lake was used to wash the Rawal Lake farmhouses and the local people’s residences.

The Lulusar Lake is well known among tourists as it offers some splendid photographic opportunities. Many tourists visit this lake for a peaceful time with lots of recreational activities. They enjoy a wide range of facilities here, which makes it a preferred destination for many tourists. The lake has many picturesque scenes like the flowery meadows, flowing streams, paddy fields, and many other attractions. You can even organize your tour here to explore the historical aspects of the area. One of the most popular attractions here is the town of Bannu in the vicinity of the lake.

When I visited Pakistan, the first thing I did was to book a trekking trip through the Karakoram National Park and Lulusar Lake. I had always wanted to explore this region and have various adventure sports like trekking, rock climbing, trekking, mountaineering, and many other adventure sports. So, I made the most exciting decision to go trekking through the Karakoram National Park. This trek was made easy due to the tremendous support system provided by Trekking Pakistan. I got to see several species of animals and birdlife, and the whole place was breathtaking.

After that, I decided to try trekking through Lulusar Lake. This was a fantastic experience, and I got to see many species of birds and animals along the way. The best time to go trekking in Lulusar Lake is between May and November. When you are on this trek, there is no accommodation facility available in the area, but you can always rent a houseboat or a travel trailer. So, this review is the subjective opinion of a member and not of an expert.

All in all, I have enjoyed my short stay in this region and am looking forward to more experiences. This review is the subjective opinion of a member and not of an expert. If you want to experience a unique holiday and explore the lakes, trekking in Lulusar Lake is optional.

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