Warning: Anyone can close your account with WhatsApp number

Anyone can close your account with WhatsApp number

The latest information about the popular messaging app WhatsApp is that anyone who has your WhatsApp number can close your account completely.

According to media reports, hackers use two different vectors to take advantage of this new flaw in WhatsApp. After installing WhatsApp on a new device, the hacker enters your number to activate the chat service. However, the two-factor authentication system Because he can’t confirm it.
Because WhatsApp provides a two-factor authentication method for logging in to the app to secure its users’ data, it is a 6-digit code that hackers do not receive.

Whatsapp Number HackAfter several failed login attempts, the user’s login will be blocked for the next 12 hours.

After the user’s account is closed, the hacker can notify the WhatsApp administration from his email address, claiming that the user’s number is his own and saying that your phone is lost or stolen. Need to be activated.

WhatsApp administration may suspend a user’s account after verification via email reply, while the hacker will re-confirm this process so that your account can be deactivated completely.

Although the attack was launched as a security test by security researchers Louis Marcus Carpenterio and Canalis Perina, the results were disturbing.

On the other hand, the WhatsApp administration is continuing its efforts to solve this problem, but currently there is no solution to this problem.