What are the alternatives to WhatsApp?

WhatsApp Alternative

WhatsApp, the most popular messaging, video, and voice calling app, has recently made new changes to its privacy policy that will delete users’ accounts if they do not comply.

As WhatsApp introduced a new privacy policy, users began to criticize the app’s policy.

Users are angry over WhatsApp’s new policy because, under the policy, WhatsApp will not only use users’ data but also share it with third parties, especially Facebook.

Users who are worried about WhatsApp’s new privacy policy need not worry anymore because today we will tell you about the two best alternatives to WhatsApp.

1. Signal

‘Encrypted Communications’ has seen an increase in the use of the Signal app over the past few years, a platform that has all the same features like WhatsApp and is available to both Android and iOS users.

According to technology website 9 to 5 Mac, the Signal app is very clear about its privacy policy. Users of chats on this app cannot even take screenshots while it does not collect users’ personal data.

2. Telegram


Now let’s talk about the second-best alternative to WhatsApp which is Telegram, this app also provides users with end-to-end encryption features just like WhatsApp.

Telegram users can exchange encrypted data, photos, videos, self-distracting messages, and all kinds of documents through this app.

The platform claims that it is more secure than WhatsApp because it relies on the ‘MT Perito’ protocol.