What are the Benefits of Playing Video Games?

What are the benefits of playing video games

What are the benefits of playing video games?

Many of us, especially boys, are very fond of playing video games and they become so addicted that their parents get upset with this habit, so this habit is generally considered bad.

But recent research by experts has revealed a surprising finding regarding video games.

According to research published in the journal Frontiers in Human Neuroscience, playing real-time strategy video games speeds up the process of information in the brain as well as memory.

Mental health games


Experts say that games in which a person strategizes and plans to win, because of these games, the present mind of the person also improves.

Keep in mind that overeating can be costly, so if you are used to playing games in your everyday routine, it is important to set a time limit so that you can avoid its adverse effects.


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