What’s the price of Shahrukh Khan New Jacket?

What's the price of Shahrukh Khan New Jacket?

Bollywood king Shah Rukh Khan, who has ruled the hearts of millions of people, has not been seen on the big screen for some time, but his fans can definitely see their favorite star through social media.

Recently, on the eve of the start of the new year, Shah Rukh Khan sent a special message to his fans on his Instagram account.

In this video message, actor Shah Rukh Khan is seen in a black jacket and you will be surprised to know the price of this jacket.

Shahrukh Khan New Jacket

Earlier, Shah Rukh Khan was seen wearing this jacket in 2019 at Riyadh Airport.

Now Shah Rukh is wearing the same jacket during the video message for the fans on the occasion of New Year which is priced at INR 270,800.

If we talk about the Pakistani price of Shah Rukh Khan’s jacket, it is more than Rs. 594,000.