Who is sending flowers to Saba Qamar daily?

Who is sending flowers to Saba Qamar daily?

A leading actress of the Pakistan film and drama industry Saba Qamar has given a message to her unknown fan who sends flowers daily.

Actress Saba Qamar has been sharing photos of beautiful bouquets on her Instagram stories for the past few days.

An unknown fan is sending bouquets and gifts to Saba Qamar daily and she is also thanking him.

Saba Qamar Unknown fan


Now the actress has given a message to the fans who send bouquets and gifts.

Saba Qamar shared a photo of a bouquet of red roses on her Instagram, addressing her anonymous fan, saying, “I want to talk to you, you can contact me with the dialogues you use in your daily flowers.” Yes, accepting these gifts is too much for me. If I want to send them back to you, let’s talk.

Saba Qamar finally wrote that she is waiting for the response of her fans.