‘Wrist band’ Informs Boss About Employee Mood

MoodBeam band

A British technology company has developed a smart wristband that will tell the boss about the company’s employee mood.

The global epidemic has forced most people around the world to work from home, but companies are having a hard time figuring out how employees work while working at home. It’s hard to guess.

With this in mind, the British firm Moodbeam has developed a smart wristband that can be used to determine the mood of employees and their state of mind.

With this smart wrist band, companies will be able to check the psychological state of their employees. The band has two buttons in which yellow indicates a feeling of happiness while blue indicates sadness.

The band is linked to a smartphone app and website that will allow the company boss to keep an eye on the condition of his employees.

Smart wristbands can also be used to strengthen social bonds between friends and family and stay in constant touch.

The smart band strap is made of silicone, which is waterproof, meaning it can be worn while walking and bathing.

Christina Colmer, the co-founder of Mood Beam, says companies are trying to stay in touch with employees working from home during the global epidemic, and with the help of this wristband, it’s possible for companies. They will be able to inquire about the well-being of hundreds of their employees. The band’s app will be available for both iOS and Android smartphones.

Key features of Moodbeam Wristband

Mood beam key features

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